One Night in Cedar River Marina

Boating in June on Lake Michigan is pre-season at the marinas we visit.  When the harbor master says ” you are the fifth boat of the season” it is a sign of how early in the season we are!   The run from Escanaba to Cedar River Marina was uneventful ( that is a good thing in cruising).

There is always an anxious moment as we approach a new harbor- watching the buoys, consulting the depth and the charts…    Today we added the fact that no one was answering the radio or cell phones at Cedar River Marina.  We had called ahead and arranged to rent a slip;  so were a little curious why no one was answering at 3pm.     As we entered the harbor the attendant was busy power washing at the fuel dock with head phones on-   we caused a bit of alarm as we motored up and startled her!   We were the only transient boat arriving that day- and when the workers left at 5pm; we had the whole marina to ourselves.

Today we logged 28.4 miles; average speed 6.4 knots.

4.5 hours travel time.


The facilities were like new; the boaters lounge had a nice selection of books for trading- and the only other boaters were a few trailerable fishing boats.

We took lots of “Reflection Photos” as it was calm as glass in the marina.   Of course the sea gulls were out in full force.   To take advantage of the open slips, we decided to practice docking and even tried backing into a slip for the first time.    Went pretty well, just need improved verbal and hand signals for indicating how far from the dock we are at any given moment….

Our next stop will be Menominee, MI.   In anticipation of a busier city marina we felt it was time to spiffy up the dinghy a bit.   It was filthy top and bottom, but cleaned up nicely.

A little sorry to be moving on after only one night.   However – when we inquired if there was a restaurant or town nearby,  they replied there was a bar but it closed a few years back.    I understand there is a café with breakfast but we did not venture over to check it out.      Here are a few photos as we leave the marina- so much easier to get shots as we leave, its not as busy as the arrival!

This was the looking to be a beautiful day- just a short 22 mile run to Menominee ; so we had a leisurely breakfast after scrubbing the dingy; and pulled out into the lake at 9 am.

Life is good.


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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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