Day 6- Rain Day in Escanaba MI

It will take us many days to reach our destination- so far we travel one day, and stay put the next!   This is considered a “rain day” – aka:   laundry day, cleaning day, grocery day etc.     No problem, as we are in the fine city of Escanaba, Mi.   The nice yellow bikes are free for the asking and we don’t mind getting wet!

Beautiful Marina Facilities:

We continued to fly the club burgee for  the Great Lakes Cruising Club- pays to have our club burgee flying!

boating dw camera june (6)

Boat of the harbor host

We took a ride to the farmers market and found fresh fish, smoked fish and some vegetables.   Then on to the store for a few other staples.

The idea of having our own bikes is becoming more appealing.   We will be shopping on Craig’s list for a good deal.

A couple years ago, Colleen took an interest in art journaling. ”  No experience required” was the ad in the community ed course book-  so began another hobby.  Some times a photo captures a memory, and other times a sketch can do the trick.

The sketchbook for this trip is based on the alphabet- so each days challenge is sketch the letter for the day.

If you aren’t into drawing, another option is to inspect the engines.  So each day,  Dave opens the engine doors (so easy now with the addition of the gas struts to hold them up).    A quick check of the oil and fluids for peace of mind. IMG_7613

Today the additional boat projects included pulling out fuel gauges and adjusting the sending unit floats for the fuel tanks.


Weather wont dampen the fun and adventures of this trip!

A slight drizzle remains, but we have a full enclosure so off we go.  The wind is expected to subside to about 15 knots – as we leave the harbor, it is already looking calm beyond the buoys!

Next stop is only 29 miles south, our destination will be Cedar River Marina.


Todays Words;

  • Farmers Market
  • Fresh flavors
  • Fish




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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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One Response to Day 6- Rain Day in Escanaba MI

  1. Al &Deb Wray says:

    Looks a great route down Lake Michigan. When RV’ing, we call those rest days “Regroup” Days….time to rest, restock supplies, and do some planning for the next leg of the journey! Hope you enjoy your Canada Day / Independence Day weekend in a safe, warm harbor! We’ll post pics from TBay Marina. Tomorrow we officially move aboard for the summer! Yay!!!


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