Day 4 Day off in Manistique

A light early morning rain shower put us in the mood to sit tight and take a day off.  By noon, we second guessed our decision as the water was smooth as glass.    We are about 10 hours from the next marina destination, so we had missed our window for leaving Manistique.

IMG_7496Colleen caught up on computer work and did some sketching.  A non-techie way to capture some memories of the trip.   Packed a small bag of art supplies for mixed media, water colors and ink to keep a travel journal of the trip.








gas strut  Dave relaxed by installing a gas prop shock to support the engine compartment hatch cover in the floor.IMG_7540





Then he inspected the stiff throttle cables and removed the shifters to be cleaned and lubed.  Good timing, as the cotter pin broke in the process of servicing them- we were glad to be at dock not out on the lake!


He also washed down the deck using the wash down pump mounted on the stern.   Now this became an example of cause and effect…  let me go back to the beginning:

The previous owner had installed a second shower head in the head that draws lake water to conserve on using the water in the tanks.   (makes sense on Lake Superior with the crystal clear water.)     As it turns out the wash-down pump in the stern also draws lake water- and is connected to the shower as well.

On a related note, we were looking for a place to store our bulky inflatable kayaks; and decided to store them along with a few “project items” in the shower (we use the marina facilities on this portion of the trip).   We had another Ahah moment in the evening when we noticed a wet floor in the head and hallway.     Appears the shower turned on when the wash-down pump was operating.  Wouldn’t have been cause for worry except the little used drain plug was plugged.   So besides giving our stored items a shower, it overflowed onto the floor.  Again no worries, but why isn’t the bilge pump keeping up?

Upon inspection the float was stuck in the shower sump pump and the forward bilge pump was plugged with pieces of wood shavings from one of our projects. (Oops).  All good things to know-thankfully this is a “shakedown” cruise so we can make adjustments.     One additional note we thought of: while Lake Superior makes sense for pumping lake water, we may want to re-plumb for going south through the inland rivers.

So, for a quiet day in port, we (as in Dave) accomplished quite a lot.    Early to bed, as we plan to leave by 7 am for Escanaba.

Words for the day

  • Down Time
  • Drain Plugged
  • Depth
  • Ducks

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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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