Day 3- Crossing to Manistique MI 44 miles

Time to move on from this little town of Beaver Island.  Happy to say we are quick learners- the refrigerator is bungeed to the wall and the cabinet doors are secured with a twisty tie.

Crossing Northern lake Michigan:

Paid close attention to the navigational charts as we left the Beaver Island Harbor- both paper chart and chart plotter. Passed through a shallow shoal area, around a buoy and headed northwest.   Once clear of the islands, it’s open water for 20 miles to the north shore of Lake Michigan plus 20 miles to get to Manistique (40 miles expected today)

The winds were light and slight chop as we motored out.  Of course the wind picked up causing building seas as we hit the open water.  As we headed northwest, the waves were rocking us from the North.   A slight change of course to the northeast got us heading into the wind (a bit better), with a little more speed we would get to the north shore then turn west and follow the shore line for more protection.    Great- should be through the swells and rocking in less than 3 hours!    Note- when we arrived at our destination, a local commented that there were 8 foot swells today).  Our plan worked; by noon, we were in fairly calm water, and Colleen was even able to jot down notes for this blog entry and serve a light lunch.

We saw 5 Lakers today- heading in various directions.   Wonder where they are heading and what their loads are?
Manistique Marina is recently updated- new building and side tie dock- all new.  No one was on duty, but we followed the suggestion on the GLCC (Great Lakes Cruising Club) site harbor notes to call Bob the harbormaster on his cell phone.   Felt bad to bother him on a Sunday afternoon, but he picked up and told us to tie up and he would stop by later (he was at a family gathering).    Dave commented that docking the boat is more challenging than driving it.  He met the challenge going against the river current and wind to smoothly pull alongside the pier. With no dock hands to take the lines, Colleen was to first toss a midship line to a cleat with a quick half hitch then secure the stern line and finally snug up the bow with the bow line.    Piece of cake.    It went something like that…  We will get lots of time to practice.

boating (81)boating (84)

Colleen suggested it would be a good night for Dave to make his signature stir fry chicken  fried rice for dinner.   Again, he was up to the challenge:boating (91)



Dinner was followed by a walk along the boardwalk ending another great day on the lake The seagulls were following us -they may have thought we were a fishing boat. As we entered the Manistique harbor the sea gulls were everywhere – like in the Alfred Hitchcock Birds Movie.  They continued to gather into the evening.

Up next- a short 25 mile day as we explore Green Bay (the bay not the city).

Words for Today:

  • Chilly
  • Challenging
  • Curious
  • Crossing
  • Compass Course

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Our blog will highlight our travels along America's Great Loop. We sold our sailboat on Lake Superior for a Trawler to do America's Great Loop in 2016.
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